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  create a better future ! "

The integration of accurate control valve with intelligent valve accessories, offers full solutions for lots of China users!

China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone
Lingang Equipment Industry Zone!

Pt-BRIDGE High-end Intelligent Control Valve
Made in China!
Made in Shanghai!
Made in Li Gang!
Made in Pt-BRIDGE!

Factory Overview

Shanghai Pt-BRIDGE Valves - Intelligent Manufacturing Digital Factory Overview:

Located in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone LIN-GANG SPECIAL AREA Lingang Equipment Industry Zone;

Covers an area of 50 acres, a total construction area of 25,000 square meters;

Production plant area of 16,000 square meters;

Office space 5000 square meters;

Research and development building area of 3000 square meters.

Intelligent Manufacturing

Shanghai Pt-BRIDGE Valve - Intelligent Flexible Production Line:

The main flexible production line is equipped with 5 five-axis processing centers;

Sub-flexible production line with 4 five-axis milling center and three-dimensional warehouse;

10 automatic assembly lines,10 test pressure lines;

1 set online industrial CT detection line, 1 set online three coordinate detection line;

4 set laboratories and 1 set flow calibration device;

1 set automatic paint line.

Core technology

Shanghai Pt-BRIDGE Valve - Core technology:

With independent intellectual property rights core technology;

Obtained five national patents;

Get shanghai high-tech new product conversion project.

Product line

Shanghai Pt-BRIDGE Valve - Product line:

Universal control valves;

Cryogenic Control Valve;

Special Control Valve;

Nuclear Control Valve.

Product applications

Shanghai Pt-BRIDGE Valve - Sei product applications:

Petrochemical industries such as petroleum, chemical, coal chemical, LNG lng;;

Nuclear power, thermal power and other power industries;

Metallurgical steel industry;

Oil and gas pipeline network,Urban pipe network;

Other industries.

Products and services

Shanghai Pt-BRIDGE Valve Valve - SeintS Products and Services:

Control valve design, research and development services;

Control valve pre-sale, after-sales service;

Control valve daily on-site inspection and maintenance;

Control valve unit parking size maintenance service;

OEM customer service;

Other control valve services.